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MAARS – Patient Appointment Reminder Service

Patient Appointment Reminder Service Recently, the healthcare practitioner’s world was turned upside-down by government compliance and reporting requirements. These changes require staff to master healthcare technology while providing quality patient care. As a result, your staff has less time to make valuable appointment reminder calls. In fact, using a Patient Appointment Reminder Service is your…

NextGen Healthcare

NextGen EHR and Practice Management

Why NextGen Ambulatory EHR and Practice Management? In the past, other Ambulatory EHR solutions were deemed cheaper and better tailored to the small medical practice’s needs. Then came along government mandated compliance in 2010. With these changes, Enterprise Solutions, like NextGen Healthcare, were better engineered for complexity. Now, the specialty EHR software companies are struggling to…

ePHI security breach

Patient Data Compromised by Third Party Vendors

ePHI Security Breach at Large Healthcare Provider in Arizona In recent media coverage, Banner Health revealed that hackers might have accessed their patient health insurance records. As a result, cyber criminals compromised up to 3.7 million patient records. Unfortunately, this ePHI security breach occurred because hackers obtained access to their servers through a third party food service…