Digium Switchvox VoIP Phone System

As a certified Digium partner, Innovative Computer Systems (ICS) provides Switchvox VoIP enabled phone systems for Healthcare and Small Business. Now you can unify your phones, voicemail, chat, video conferencing, and faxes seamlessly with one on-premise or cloud-hosted appliance. One notable benefit to the Switchvox VoIP phone system is that you and your staff can work from anywhere in the world using the same business extension.

High Availability for Business Continuity

In your Switchvox VoIP phone system installation, we can include an optional “cold spare” and/or failover SIP trunking provider in your phone system design. You can host your cold spare at a second office location or one of our data centers. For example, during a power outage at your main location, the cold spare at your second location will be reconfigured to take over with minimal downtime. Another example is a primary SIP provider interruption. In this scenario, your failover SIP provider will route your calls. As a result, your patient and client calls and business continue normally giving you peace of mind.

Switchvox Switchboard

The Switchvox Switchboard, a customizable browser interface, allows your staff to see everything happening in real-time on one screen. With the Switchboard, your team can determine where a call originated, i.e. Google Map, caller ID, etc. This system can also interface with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.

Switchvox Softphone

With the Switchvox Softphone, a downloadable application, your mobile phone can be an extension of your business phone. This way, you or your co-workers can transfer calls from your desk phone to your cell phone, keep your private number private, and make extension-to-extension calls.

Real-Time Reporting

Digium developed Switchvox reporting tools so that managers can manage their staff and call centers efficiently. Using Switchvox reports, you can get detailed call routing, employee call lengths, and much more. These reports will certainly prove useful for call center management, staff training, and quality control.


The New Digium D80 Touchscreen Executive Phone

Sales, Installation, Configuration and Support

The Swithvox system can be easily managed through a web interface. Therefore, administrators have anywhere, anytime access for remote management. Also, there are several tiered support options offered by Digium and ICS for during and after-hours support.

ICS can sell, design, and install your new system and maintain it under our unlimited support agreement. As a result, there will be significant monthly recurring savings. In fact, many of our clients reduced their monthly voice overhead by 50% or more with a Switchvox system

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About Innovative Computer Systems

As a Managed IT Services Provider, Innovative Computer Systems (ICS) specializes in Healthcare and Small Business technology. So, we work closely with our clients to understand their IT and Voice needs. Some of these include leaders in Ophthalmology, Facility Maintenance, Pediatrics, Law, Urology, Dermatology, Commercial Real Estate, Internal Medicine and Ambulatory Surgery.

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