Ransomware Attacks Medical Practices

Next Generation Ransomware Targeting Medical Practices

Ransomware attacks against medical practices are surging in the United States in the last several months. Malicious users use tactics like ransomware because it profitable. All it takes is to trick an unsuspecting user to open a file attachment with a subject and body of an e-mail that can look like a normal everyday business e-mail.…

Medicare – MACRA and MIPS

What is MACRA and MIPS?

What is MACRA and MIPS? What you need to know about Medicare health care delivery and payment reform for your medical practice. The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) is poised to drive health care delivery and payment reform across clinicians, health systems, Medicare, and other government and commercial payers. On May 9,…

3rd Party Vendor Compromised Data

Patient Data Compromised by Vendors

Patient Data Compromised by 3rd Party Vendors In recent media coverage, Banner Health revealed that hackers may have accessed their healthcare, payment and health insurance plan information of up to 3.7 million patients.  Hackers were able to obtain access to the medical network through a 3rd party food service system. More of the article can be…

Virus Detected

How to identify malicious email and websites

Identify malicious email and websites for healthcare practices and protect your ePHI from intruders. How to identify malicious email 1) E-mail messages from people you don’t know (including and especially SPAM).  These are usually the culprits that infect your computer or network servers. 2) E-mail messages from friends or family that you were not expecting…


Methods of ePHI being Stolen at your Healthcare Practice

Methods of ePHI being Stolen at your Healthcare Practice In the past few days, I’ve been following a hot topic at a well known technology forum that is focused on IT security. As an IT professional, I cannot stress enough to never plug unknown devices such as USB drives into your computer unless it is authorized by…