Healthcare Practice Security & Internet Defenses

Business Security and Virus Defense Strategy

Business Security and Virus Defense Strategy – Our Four Layer Defense All businesses need a security and virus defense strategy against phishing and malware. A virus, also known as malware, is a piece of software designed with malicious intent. Mild or moderate viruses can steal data and passwords, cause annoying pop-ups, or cripple your computer. In…

Manage Your Healthcare Technology Budget

How to Manage Your Healthcare Technology Budget

Your Healthcare Technology Budget Medical practices should consider their unique needs when planning their healthcare technology budget. Now more than ever, the healthcare industry is driven by, and dependent on, a secure and reliable network infrastructure. This dependency is mainly due to the Affordable Care Act and strict government regulations and compliance laws. As a…

Managed Services Provider

Managed Services Provider

What is a Managed Services Provider? A Managed Services Provider, also known as an “MSP,” is an IT industry term used to describe an outsourced IT department. MSP’s assume the ongoing technological responsibilities for their clients. Typically, a Managed Services Provider offers services such as help desk, onsite support, data backup, network security, phone system…

NextGen Healthcare

NextGen EHR and Practice Management

Why NextGen Ambulatory EHR and Practice Management? In the past, other Ambulatory EHR solutions were deemed cheaper and better tailored to the small medical practice’s needs. Then came along government mandated compliance in 2010. With these changes, Enterprise Solutions, like NextGen Healthcare, were better engineered for complexity. Now, the specialty EHR software companies are struggling to…

ePHI security breach

Patient Data Compromised by Third Party Vendors

ePHI Security Breach at Large Healthcare Provider in Arizona In recent media coverage, Banner Health revealed that hackers might have accessed their patient health insurance records. As a result, cyber criminals compromised up to 3.7 million patient records. Unfortunately, this ePHI security breach occurred because hackers obtained access to their servers through a third party food service…

stolen ePHI crippling healthcare

Stolen ePHI Crippling Healthcare Practices

Stolen ePHI Crippling Healthcare Practices Around the World In the past few days, I’ve been following a hot topic at a public technology forum focused on IT security. As an IT professional, I need to emphasize the risks of connecting unsecured devices to your network. A USB Flash Drive is a perfect example. When possible,…

Destroy old hard drives

How to Destroy Old Hard Drives…the Extreme Way!

Why You Should Destroy Old Hard Drives As a Technology Services Provider, we understand the importance of protecting your data and ensuring confidentiality. That’s because we constantly hear stories about misguided technology practices compromising patient data. As a result, we advise our clients to destroy old hard drives properly as part of their ongoing security…

Common Computer Terminology

Improve Your Technology Vocabulary

Improve Your Technology Vocabulary As one of the leading providers of Healthcare IT for over two decades, we understand that technology lingo can be a foreign language to healthcare providers and their staff. Not only can technology be intimidating, there are thousands of new computer terms being introduced each year. We know this can be…

Overbuilt Technology Systems – Urology Practice Case Study

Overbuilt Technology Systems – A Case Study

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Drive Encryption

Security Risk Analysis & Drive Encryption

Security Risk Analysis & Drive Encryption Lately, there’s been confusion about hard drive encryption requirements for medical practices. So, it’s important to understand the difference between “addressable” and “required” as it pertains to your Security Risk Assessment. Shortly after the dawn of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, “addressable” was a term used to describe a…