Case Studies & Testimonials

Below are some case studies and testimonials from our current clients. Click a case study below and you will find how Innovative Computer Systems was able to effectively meet the firm’s challenge and provide a successful solution.
Case Study and Testimonial from a Healthcare Practice Administrator
Case Study and Testimonial from a Service Provider Administrator

Case Studies: Specialist Practice

The Client

This specialist practice is limited to the diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of the retina, macula, and vitreous, including macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease. They have three retina eye care centers in the state. Its 40-plus employees’ commitment is to provide their patients with the best retinal eye care. It is also the goal of their CEO and information security officer to maintain the health and well-being of the company’s IT infrastructure.

The Challenge

The Need for Demonstrable Security and Regulatory Compliance is a job that certainly makes him concerned. While this is true for almost every organization, it’s especially so for a smaller practice. Because this practice provides health care services to their patients and needs to work so closely with health plans and insurance carriers, it must operate in compliance with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which includes security and privacy rules that require administrative, technical, and physical security procedures be in place to assure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of health information.

Client Testimonial
“Innovative Computer Systems’ outsourced support solution has proven to be extremely effective for us. We find their customer service to be excellent and our systems are faster and more stable than they ever were before. This firm is great to work with and we’re impressed with their ability to make our lives easier. They not only support our current technological needs but are a resource and guide for future opportunities. I highly recommend them.”

– Administrator, Specialist Practice

Innovative Computer Systems Solution

Having no internal IT staff for several years, their CEO turned to his Managed IT Service Provider for Healthcare, Innovative Computer Systems and their senior management team when he was preparing for Meaningful Use attestation and knew that Core Measure 15 required their help.  It all seemed very daunting and he had to rely on their expertise. The results speak for themselves. His employee technology use procedures, security review, vulnerability testing results, and revised security policy proved he made the right choice.

Case Study: Service Provider

The Client

This service provider was founded 13 years ago by businessman and a former NFL professional football player. Their main office is located in Hackensack, NJ with other offices in Pennsylvania and Maryland. As a minority owned company with 400 employees, this company does over $18 million dollars a year in business and continues to grow rapidly. They provide services and offer employee benefits that are unsurpassed in the industry today – financial strength, an extensive selection of cleaning services, customized support and planning, safety and training programs and a no nonsense reputation.

The Challenge

Like most businesses who didn’t need a full time IT support staff member, they thought their only other option was to have an hourly consultant supporting their technology. Many SMBs like them use hourly consultants to fix problems that have already occurred, known as a ”break-fix” model. However, what’s a “break-fix” model’s incentive to make your computers and network work efficiently when the result is that you’ll stop calling them with problems and they’ll lose billable hours? More importantly, these support organizations are not sized to always be available when you need them.

Their IT operations were experiencing outages and disruptions which affected their revenue stream. They once had a vision for their IT systems to be resilient, scalable and managed on a full time basis. They wanted to work with a firm that could design, implement and provide ongoing support for their growing IT needs in a timely yet cost effective manner.

Client Testimonial
“Innovative Computer Systems’ outsourced support solution has proven to be extremely effective for us. We find their customer support Help Desk to be very responsive and our systems are more stable than they ever were before. ICS is great to work with, our business is in great hands and I highly recommend them.”

– Administrator, Service Provider

Innovative Computer Systems Solution

Innovative Computer Systems (ICS) standardized of all of their desktop PCs by installing and updating the latest Windows Updates, Virus Protection and Office suites. As part of our service, we provide e-mail Anti-spam/Anti-Virus protection via a state of the art Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall which helps mitigate the risk of virus out-breaks on business networks that originate from e-mail. In addition, ICS consolidated their server infrastructure by unifying their existing two separate domain network into one fully qualified domain network that now provides file sharing and program access without the extra hassle the dual domain presented. Finally, ICS implemented a secured remote access solution (SSL-VPN) to securely provide employees the ability to work from home and access to resources from anywhere in the world.

They now have fully leveraged ICS’ outsourced IT support, and are remotely monitored and managed on a 24×7 basis. With proactive maintenance and constant monitoring of their systems, ICS’ engineers are able to respond to issues immediately and often times prevent disruption to their users before they occur.

They now enjoy a fully managed state of the art IT environment which is maintained for the same cost they were previously paying for ad-hoc support. By all accounts the computer systems are stable and the end users are extremely happy. With this new technology foundation they can confidentially continue their expansion with their IT systems serving the business instead of disrupting it.

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